Trivial Things that Mildly Annoy You

  1. People who change their Facebook status at least 7 times a day
  2. Those pages in exam papers that say 'Blank Page'
  3. Doughnuts with too little jam
  4. Doughnuts with too much jam
  5. Shoe shop assistants who say: "We don't have a size 10, but we do have a size 7..."
  6. People who don't indicate
  7. People that misuse 'less' and 'fewer'
  8. Detaching the first sheet of toilet paper from the rest of the roll on a new toilet paper
  9. People who call 'football', 'soccer'
  10. People who call 'soccer', 'football'
  11. Facebook pages that want you to 'like' them before revealing content
  12. The way the word 'lisp' has the letter 's' in it
  13. Getting arm hair caught in your watch
  14. People who press the brake pedal every 10 yards
  15. Tailgaters
  16. People chewing gum in an exaggerated manner, obviously thinking they look cool
  17. People who deliberately talk with their mouths full and appear to think they look cool doing so
  18. Overly keen people
  19. Teens who wear their trousers half way down their legs showing their underwear
  20. Kids who walk along playing music really loud on their mobile phones
  21. Kids who tie school ties so that the end of the tie barely pokes through the knot
  22. People who say 'LOL' in real life
  23. The fact that 'dyslexia' is such a hard word to spell
  24. People who have no comeback for an argument, and simply reply with "your mum"
  25. Half-pints in pubs
  26. Clowns
  27. Smacking a perfect tee shot down the fairway, a nice approach shot second onto the green only to be followed by a 3-putt for a bogey
  28. Burning your tongue
  29. People who turn up early
  30. People who turn up late
  31. Fat women wearing practically see-through leggings
  32. Fat women
  33. Male cyclists wearing tight cycling shorts
  34. Fingerless gloves
  35. Stubbing your toe
  36. Banging your elbow
  37. Sunburn
  38. Getting your fingers sticky from eating fruit
  39. Packet of peanuts that say 'May contain nuts'
  40. People who take up two parking spaces
  41. People who go ALL-IN in poker regardless of what they have
  42. People who like marmite
  43. People who hate marmite
  44. People who say 'FACT' at the end of their statement when it's actually an opinion
  45. Sitting on a cold toilet seat
  46. Sitting on a warm toilet seat knowing someone sat their not too long ago
  47. When your sat down and you move a little, and you can't get into the same comfortable position
  48. People who get 'there', 'their' and 'they're' mixed  up
  49. Sound of flies and bees
  50. Women with facial hair
  51. A bug bite on the sole of your foot
  52. When you get out of the shower, you start sweating right away
  53. Accidentally popping the yolk when frying an egg
  54. Monobrows
  55. People who use 'should of' instead of 'should have'
  56. Mixing 'to' and 'too'
  57. Mixing 'won' and 'one'
  58. Mixing 'your' and 'you're'
  59. The fact that there's no 'dislike' button in Facebook
  60. Pedestrians crossing the road extra slow
  61. Waking up to the sound of a mosquito buzzing around your head
  62. Sitting down for a meal and realising you have two knives instead of a fork and knife
  63. Getting your nether hair stuck in your zipper
  64. Chain letters
  65. Walking into a room and forgetting why you went there in the first place
  66. Holding the door for someone, and they act like they were entitled
  67. People who walk so close to revolving doors that they constantly stop it
  68. Men who share their underarm hair and legs
  69. Going to a supermarket without a coin to borrow a shopping cart
  70. People that modify 'unique' with 'very unique' or 'kind of unique' etc.
  71. People who make up superlatives like 'boringest' instead of using 'most boring'
  72. When the first car in line isn't paying attention when the light turns green
  73. When someone says "hone" instead of "home"
  74. The smell of cheese
  75. Hair on the soap
  76. Hair stuck in the drain of the shower, and having to use your fingers to pinch it out
  77. People who take ages to reply to e-mails


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